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Vacca Lounge

416 W 203rd St, New York, NY. Tel: 646-739-8219

vacca lounge

Vacca Lounge & Grill

Vacca Lounge NYC has taken over the Uptown Manhattan’s Sherman Creek neighborhood like a phoenix out of the ashes. An area once known for parking lots/garages, empty lots and auto shops is now a staple in uptown nightlife. Vacca Grill & Lounge leads the pack with a venue which is not only an upscale dining destination but also the hottest place for Uptown’s socialite crowd. The Lounge is located at 416 West 203rd Street and is easily accessible by New York City metro by the one train. We offers Valet service to compliment the street parking readily available in its neighborhood streets.


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About Vacca Lounge

This Lounge is the brainchild of artist Dario Oleaga who has built some of the uptown’s hottest clubs including Umbrella, Ambar Room, Serie 56, Guadalupe, Tette, Opus, and Coral. Vacca Lounge NYC’s 5,800 square foot space is a venue that shines above any other NYC Lounge. Also comes with a state of the art sound system complete with all the bells and whistles needed for a night out of dancing with friends. The decor is beautiful, classy and as eye stimulating as any venue can be.

  • DRESS CODE: Dress to Impress. Ladies Heels A Must. Gents No Baggy Attire, Athletic Gear, Hats or Boots.
  • MUSIC: Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin. House, Dance, Pop, Top 40.
  • SUBWAY DIRECTIONS: Subway (1) train to 207 St. NYC.

Weekly Events will host some of the hottest crowds in NYC complete with NYC’s sexiest woman and elite gentlemen. Join us at Vacca Lounge NYC for a night full of fun drinking and dancing. Do not forget to mention the Showtime Guest List at the door for free or reduced entry.

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