How to Throw a Birthday Party like a Rockstar

How to Throw a Birthday Party like a Rockstar
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Once a year and every year, everyone gets that special day to celebrate a Birthday Party in style. That time of the year when we celebrate the fact that we were lucky enough to be granted the blessings of another year of life. A person Birthday Party is unique and should celebrate in style. I mean this is the time to throw down and treat yourself. Why not? A Birthday Party is a perfect time to remind everyone that you’re one year older, and one year wiser.

The Perfect Birthday Party

You worked hard all year being the beautiful person you are, and it’s time for everyone to celebrate you. It’s time for that go all out, party, live and be a light type perfect birthday party. Even though Showtime NY takes on the burden for you by advising you on what the ideal birthday party venues are, making your flyer invitations, giving you all the much-needed info, and taking on the duties of being your liaison before and during the event it could still be a stressful procedure.

Here are some tips on how to throw a perfect birthday party.

1. Guest list

It’s all about the people you know, as well as what you see. You want to invite the social butterflies, those who can talk about how much of a perfect birthday the night was weeks after it happened. If you surround yourself with those that have fun, you are bound to have a great time. Your guest list should always be about quality, not quantity. Invite those who will compliment your night rather than bring you down or mess up your special day. If you know that one your friends is a problem starter then leaves them home. Only invite those who want your night to be a great one, and who you know has your best interest at heart.

2. Preparation is Key

Everyone knows that feeling when you are excited for a situation to come, and the anticipation is so high that it jumbles your brain. You look forward to something and think you have a grasp on the job, but you don’t. The day comes, and you find yourself completely unprepared. Prepare for that perfect birthday ahead of time. Think of the things you will need, and what you will need to get them. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to handle everything and don’t wait until the last minute. Have to do your hair or nails? Make an early appointment. Try on your clothes before the day in case something doesn’t fit. Don’t leave anything to chance. The smart idea is to make a list and check things off. Another is to make sure that you have a plan b on everything.

3. Dress Properly

We’ve all heard those old sayings like “The Clothes Makes a Man” or “Dress the way you want to be perceived.” Well here is another one “Dress like you are a Star.” Splurge a little if you have to. I’m not saying you have to spend like you’re an A-list celebrity going to a red carpet movie premiere just enough to feel good about yourself. The way you dress is the way you will feel throughout the night. If you look right, you will feel right. Enough with the cliché sayings, I will just give it to you straight. The way you dress will affect you in many ways when you are going out to a club. It’s always better to over-dress rather than under-dress. Dress for that perfect birthday in clothes that will make you feel an excellent way.

4. Arrive on Time

Ok, let’s face it life isn’t perfect, and even with proper preparation things happen that are beyond our control. Time of arrival is one of the most critical factors in how secure your entrance into a club is and how much of a perfect birthday party you have. Time waits for no one, and neither does the deals at clubs. There are unlimited amounts of factors that can make you tardy. When you want to be somewhere on time the world conspires to make you late. Friends and family will hold you up and be late, traffic piles up on you; trains run out of service, life just happens. Take steps to make sure life doesn’t mess up your special day. Things like.. If you want to leave at 9 pm tell your friends you want to go at eight that way them being late doesn’t hurt you or leave earlier in case there is a broken down civic on the road. All that being fashionable does it cost you in time and money. Give yourself enough time to arrive on time.

5. Hand out Duties

Make sure that your night is full of fun without worries or even worst work. Hand out small jobs to your friends to free you from the madness. Designate a friend official photographer and let that person be the paparazzi for the night so you won’t have to worry about it. If driving makes sure, one person is the designated driver. Make a right friend your safety buddy in case you over-drink and get too drunk. Why not have a personal document your night? If you have a cake make sure someone knows when to break it out. The little things become a drag let everyone else worry for once just enjoy your perfect birthday party the way you should.