Whether it’s a holiday function, a celebration for a company accomplishment or just a night out to boost company morale. A corporate affair could be an uplifting force that allows co-workers to bond in a way that work could never do. An organizational issue is a way to enable a workforce to come together and share experiences, forge personal relationships and learn about each other. Although planning a corporate function can be stressful and can also be a ton of work, it could also be the best move a company can make to strengthen their workforce. Hopefully, these steps will help make your next corporate affair a success.

Step 1: Decide on a budget, be realistic and be flexible.

Figuring out a budget can be tight. I mean with all the things that incorporated with a successful corporate affair it is hard to remember everything. That is why flexibility in the financial planning stage is vital. Some of the things to remember are venue rentals, invitations, food and drinks, decorations, entertainment, music, giveaways and believe me more will come as you go through the process. Budget too low? Well, lets are flexible again and research the many do it yourself decorations, crafts, and ideas that can save you save money. Don’t be afraid to search youtube, Pinterest, and Vimeo for tutorials on how to make your decorations on your own.

Step 2: Picking the Place

Choosing the right location for your corporate affair can be a headache. There are a few things to remember when doing so. The first is as they say location, location, location. Always try and choose a place for the corporate affair that is close to your office or at least easily accessible by public transportation. Is so that your co-workers or employees don’t have to go to extreme measures to get there. You can always visit www.showtimeny.com for a list of venues with photos and venue information. Any questions feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to guide you through the choices.

Step 3: Themes

A party is never a party without a good theme behind it. Also picking a good idea for your corporate affair allows your workforce an escape from reality. If it is a holiday party, it is entirely okay to use that as a theme, if not then get creative. Another option is to go color themed. Using your company colors will allow you the opportunity to showcase your company logo and slogan in the background of photos and videos. Why not make this corporate affair one that has some potential for promotional value?

Step 4: Choose a suitable Food Menu

Is your corporate affair going to be casual or is it going to be formal? Is it going to be a seated affair or do you want a buffet selection? This decision sets the tone for what kind of relationship you’re going to have. Both an intimate corporate affair and a let loose type of party are just as good, but the decision will set the pace of your side. Discuss it with your workforce and ask which is preferable, after all the party is for them.

Step 5: Invitations

The invitation to the corporate affair is also a tone setter so be careful not to send the wrong message. If it is going to be a formal affair, then use an elegantly styled invitation and as such for a casual matter. No need to splurge on postage you can hand deliver or use an electronic request. Make sure you include the time, theme, dress code and location, so all of your guests know everything about your affair.

Step 6: Check your list and check it twice

Make a checklist and stay on top of it. You can never check too many times if everything is on course and going well. Check in with any sources you have weekly and a few days before the affair to make sure you’re on schedule. Make sure you check with everyone including the caterer, party planner, venue, decorator and any other source frequent enough. It is your job to plan this corporate affair and how well it goes reflects on you.

Step 7: Make someone the go-to person.

This a corporate affair and is a reflection of your company. Reputation is everything, and if the event is unsuccessful, then people might view your firm as incompetent. Be prepared because things can always go wrong. Make sure someone is assigned to look over the party at all times. Food could run out; you can run out of supplies, someone could get sick.

Step 8: Enjoy!

The planning is over, the day is here, and everything is going well. Your job is finish, so it’s time to let loose. All the hard work has paid off, and it’s time to make your workforce know you can be one of the gang.

Hopefully, these steps will help make your corporate affair a successful one. Remember you can always contact us. Showtime is equipped to handle any corporate case, and we are eager and willing to help. We guarantee that we offer only the most exclusive and luxurious restaurants, bars and nightclubs in New York for your corporate affair. We can and will make sure your event is a memorable one.