Planning A Bachelor Party In New York

Bachelor Party

If New York is the choice of location of your bachelor party, you are expecting your party to be an extraordinary affair. Or are you the groom’s friend and the decision of the venue has been entrusted to you?

It is a walk in the park to pick the best venue as New York has way too many potential choices. It has been nicknamed “Bachelor Party Central” for a reason. New York City spoils you with its enormous array of options that fits all preferences and budgets.

Some of the favourites of the regulars to this city are listed below.

Booze Cruise

Various companies host booze cruises on the harbour and rivers of New York. These locations scream party. Your bachelor party is bound to be a hit at Hornblower, the best alcohol ferry.

Long Island City Beer Project

It is one of the most happening breweries around. Taste their plentiful Saisons, their Belgian speciality, along with their barrel of aged beer. You can also order food here or try another exciting venue for a quick dinner.

Bachelor Party

Tickets to the groom’s favourite sport

Is your best friend obsessed with basketball? A live sporting event will make the groom jump with joy like a 11-year-old. New York is home to world-famous arenas like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium.

Friendly competition at Chelsea Piers

Challenge the groom-to-be to show the best he’s got. Whether your buddy prefers golf, hockey or bowling, try this grownup playground located by the Hudson River.

Delicious dinner

Hit the local classic hot spots such as Keens Steakhouse and try the bachelor party staple, the steak dinner. Sometimes, basic is the best.

Bachelor Party

Pimp 40/40 club

If you don’t feel up to it about a sports bar being an appropriate bachelor party destination, try the 40/40 Club co-owned by world-famous Pimp rapper Jay Z.

It is specifically made for the bachelor party merriment, with a special “Bachelor Party Package” even, for just $500.

Lounge with cigars

Weddings are stressful, and the groom might get the need to relax and blow off some steam. Some amazing cigar spots are classy yet comfortable. You can leisurely smoke or enjoy a satiating dinner. Head over to the Carnegie Club for a great experience.

Bachelor Party

In conclusion

New York City is notorious for its wild nightlife. With a wide selection of upscale clubs and bars, you can enjoy an unforgettable party here. The Big Apple has it all, from crazy music venues to classy rooftop parties. It is the party capital of the globe!

The tons of activities here will keep you occupied in the daytime as well as the nighttime. You will never be out of things to do. New York tops the list of the favourite destination for bachelors to spend the last few of their bachelorhood.

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