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DJ Abrupt
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DJ Abrupt has been part of the nightclub scene for over about a decade and a half, rocking the NY and NYC Tri-state area clubs along with New Jersey as well as venues internationally like MEXICO, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, & more.

DJ Abrupt was born in Bolivia and raised in Corona Queens. At the age of 7 he received his first Walkman as a birthday gift. And soon after DJ Abrupt and his music were inseparable, years later Abrupt purchased his first set of turntables. And at 16 years of age, DJ ABRUPT started sharpening his DJ skills at local parties and halls of Queens.

Three years later DJ Abrupt broke into the NYC club scene and debuted at Carbon ( a.k.a Exit nightclub). It wasn’t long before promoters noticed his unique style and invited him to play at legendary venues. He needed to push himself more and decided to develop his skills even further by mixing music. DJ Abrupt developed a unique style of making his original remixes that included mashups of Rock & hip hop, reggae & 80’s, R&B & house along with original music into all of his sets.

Dj Abrupt “I Can Feel The Crowd Feeding Off My Music.”

After a brief hiatus, Abrupt returned to the club scene in 2004 sharper and better than ever. Enriched with a new style of mixing he now weaves together some of the best mixes and beats you’ll hear in the nightlife scene. The club night scene has recognized DJ Abrupt not only for his blending kills but also for his ability to adapt to any crowd and to rock any music genre. No matter the mix of party-goers, he’ll sense the collective pulse of the group and then give them exactly what they are looking. When asked how he does it, he merely says: “I can feel the crowd feeding off of my music. There’s no other rush like it. “I just want to make people dance.“

• Where did your passion for music get started?

As far as I can remember I always had a passion for music, from the old to the new, to all the different genres out there, it has always been a love for me. But when the music started to become a part of my everyday life, was when I first received my Sony sports Walkman at the age of 7. After that, I couldn’t be apart from music.

• What are your influences? Your Motivators?

My mom…she has always been the backbone of my life. Still pushing me to be the best and always showing me that failure is a part of life, and never to be discouraged only to learn from the past and become better. As far as DJ’in there are so many great DJ’s that inspired me growing up, but my most significant influence had to be Kid Capri…

• Name three songs that are stuck in your head right now.

Pitbull / Neyo – Give me everything, DJ Khaled- I’m on one, Zion y Tony Dize – hoy lo Siento

• What advice would you give to an aspiring DJ trying to break it in the mainstream market?

Never get discouraged no matter how many times you get rejected, everything, in the beginning, isn’t easy PAY YOUR DUES!, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I never gave up, all you need is that break and things will fall into place. Also never be concerned about what the next DJ is doing, worry about what you’re doing and what you need to do to succeed. And I think most importantly, keep it humble…treat everyone you meet in this industry with the same respect, trust me it ‘ll take you far.

• What are some of your hidden talents?

I’m a pretty good cartoonist…lol

• What is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

LOL damn. I’ll keep that confidential. ?

• Is there an artist you would like to work with but haven’t got a chance?

But of course, there’s plenty, but well see how far the DJ thing takes me.

• What are you currently working on so that fans could be looking forward?

Well, I have my website dropping soon, I’m very excited about that. It will have a lot of surprises and a lot of music for all to enjoy. Don’t forget coming soon.