Best DJ Nights In New York

DJ parties

The parties go on forever in New York. Whichever kind of exceptional service you fancy, you will definitely find what you are after once the sun sets. If you are on the lookout for the best DJ parties in New York, here’s a comprehensive list of the best of New York for you to have a blast.

Le Bain

This place has a hot tub right in the middle of the dance floor. Some believe that a dip in this tub is the New York City right of passage. Situated at the topmost floor of the Standard Hotel, the penthouse rooftop bar and disco let you watch a breathtaking sunset over the Hudson River.

Paul’s cocktail lounge

This cocktail lounge is one of the most exclusive places in Manhattan. The attendees are A-listers and other cool people from all walks of life. To skip the queue, arrive earlier. Kinds of music involve mostly throwbacks and ensure that you stay until the disco ball goes up.

DJ parties

The Box

The club offers Mounge Rouge kind of shows along with drinks and disco. Suppose you have some extra cash to blow, reserve a table in the VIP area for the best viewing action. The performances are experimental and unique, unlike anything you have even seen before.

Avant Gardner

Some music-focused concepts have made their way to Brooklyn in recent times. This club is equipped with a brand new KV2 sound system. Avant Gardner has beautiful décor with loads of indoor greenery and light projections for you to click on some stunning pictures for Instagram.

Fleur Room

DJ parties

This is famous among the influencers for its panoramic skyline view and the massive disco ball. The venue hosts some outstanding DJ parties and some delicious snacks and cocktails to transition into the night.


It was one of the first clubs to host a sit-down table service and create a more intimate environment, with the big-ticket DJ’s for you to hit the dance floor later. It is one of the unmissable destinations for party goes and music lovers around the world.

The Blond

Make this your first stop of the night and soak up on the cocktails while dancing to the Dj-spun beats. Many well-knowns are regulars here, so dress well! The Blond is dimly lit, with its gold-accented furniture exuding classic vibes.

DJ parties

In conclusion

There is a sea of places to select from when in New York. People go out of their way to have the best party experience by travelling to the Big Apple. Whatever kind of music or décor captures your interest, New York is like the Santa Claus that makes everybody happy.

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