Hiding Your Flaws At The Beach

Hiding Your Flaws at the Beach

Flaws in your body can easily ruin a summer dream. Summertime is a time where people love being outside enjoying the warm weather, relaxing under the sun or engaging in outdoor activities. You have worked really hard the entire winter trying hard to get that amazing beach body. Limiting dinner portions, staying away from the sweets and you have exercised your heart out now it’s time to reap the rewards. You have sacrificed to achieve that summer beach body but have fallen short from your goal.

The beach is an amazing place where you can relax in the sun, develop an amazing tan, enjoy the shiny soft sand or take a dip in the cool water. The atmosphere is fascinating and cannot be matched by a swimming pool or lake. However, your short comings might have you feeling insecure about how you may look strutting down in the beach in that brand new swim suit you picked out. The small flaws that worry you such as cellulite, dark spots, extra hair and excessive fat in some areas of your body can be concealed and forgotten. These problems can be resolved by following some simple steps. Here are some tips that will surely help you hide the flaws that lower your confidence level at the beach:

Hiding the Beach Body Flaws

1. Conceal that Cellulite
What can possibly stop you from flaunting that amazing beach body? If the answer to this question is cellulite, then you definitely need to shop for a good cellulite cream which is readily and cheaply available. Just exfoliate your skin to prepare it, remove those dead cells from your skin and finish the shower with cold water to revitalize your skin. Finally, apply a good cellulite cream that boosts your skin and conceals the cellulite flaws and then apply a moisturizer to help your skin look radiant. If all else fails use a waterproof concealer and blend the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone and you are ready for the beach.

2. Find a Suitable Swimsuit
Choosing the right swimsuit is very important although finding the correct one can be a tedious task. You goal may be to purchase that skimpy bikini but it may not do justice to your body type. Your budget probably doesn’t allow for a swimwear and style expert to break down every option available to you but you have other options. There are swimsuits out there that cater to any body type including pear shape, large or small busted, athletic, tummy concealing, curvy, BBW, short or tall. When shopping always consider your flaws. Do you want to conceal flaws like cellulite, back fat, stomach fat, stretch marks, or do you just want to provide enough support for the girls. It is better to buy a swimsuit that flatters your body rather than just just showing skin.

3. Tanning your Problems away
It is undoubtedly true that everything looks better when bronzed. Want to hide flaws like those dark spots, wrinkles or cellulite? Simply buy a good tanner and apply evenly over your face, neck, arms and legs etc. You should be careful how you apply as too much will leave you with a streaky or discolored appearance.

4. Be Careful about the Bikini Line
One of the worst things that can happen to you at the beach is when your bikini line is out of control. You might look amazing in your bikini but flaws like excess hair or razor bumps will not go unnoticed. Use an effective hair removal remedy to get your bikini line in order and if it is hard for you to so alone then visit a hair removal professional, use a good hair inhibitor or wax accordingly.

Don’t fret these summers about the flaws you might notice because they can be hidden within minutes just take the extra steps so you can enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Hiding Your Flaws at the Beach
By Cindy Hardy

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